Refund Policy

All payments are processed through a secure 3D process; however the order will not be processed if the payment is declined. In case of any technical fault in calling card, you should always contact the customer service of the card provider before contacting MAF communication. If for any reason your problem cannot be resolved we will attempt to exchange your card but only after confirming from the card provider that the credit has been issued and problem is not resolved. If there is only a partial balance and we are unable to match the denomination of the remaining credit balance, a credit may be applied.


If in any case payments have been taken but no pin details are allocated, it is the purchasers responsibility to inform MAF communication within 24 hours, who will immediately deliver the pin and access details.

Maf Communication is willing to issue a full refund of unused calling cards that have been bought and brought to our notice within 24 hours of purchase.  However, Mobile Top-up/vouchers are not refundable. However, in case of technical issue, customer can contact customer services (numbers will send along with Pin) of service provider to resolve the issue. MAf will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any refund/dispute arise.


MAF communication is only a reseller of telecom services, in case of any service loss or service suspended due to bankruptcy or Liquidation of any of service provider, we will not be held responsible.