The Telecommunication industry is advancing rapidly, carrying through high level of improvements.New Technologies are eliminating all obstacles to welcome a covered market, whilst also facilitating companies to consolidate publicly with their customers anywhere on earth.

Maf Communication, based in London, have their operations ardently in telecommunication technology. Our rapid progression will soon have a huge impact on the telecom industry. Our innovative team, through hard work, embrace technological variations and use this as an opportunity to create new products. Our aim is to provide the most trust worthy customer service, which will be achieved through the following tools and techniques:

•  Calling Card

•  Pay As you Go Sims

•  Mobile Phones and accessories – selling and repairing.

•  Unique gift sets to give your home an innovative look.

Being thousands of miles away from family is not easy, hence through MAF services we make those thousands miles a little shorter and allow our customers to communicate with their loved ones anywhere on the planet.

  • That we dedicate the time and handwork to build a strong relationship of trust between our customers.
  • That we are devoted to constantly develop in order to accomplish the excellence in service quality.
  • That we reform our resources to generate sustainable growth in profit along side having a positive impact to our surroundings.

E-Mail: Info@Mafcommunication.Co.Uk

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